Technical Program

Session 1: 09:00 - 10:30 (regular papers: 6 pages, 20 mins presentation)

  • Block-Supply Chain: A New Anti-Counterfeiting Supply Chain Using NFC and Blockchain (Naif Alzahrani, Nirupama Bulusu)
  • Hierarchical interactions between Ethereum smart contracts across Testnets (Yao-Chieh HU, Ting-Ting LEE, Dimitris Chatzopoulos, Pan Hui)
  • Towards Blockchain-enabled Wireless Mesh Networks (Mennan Selimi, Aniruddh Rao Kabbinale, Anwaar Ali, Leandro Navarro, Arjuna Sathiaseelan)
  • Open Peer-to-Peer Systems over Blockchain and IPFS: an Agent Oriented Framework (Antonio Tenorio-Fornés, Samer Hassan, Juan Pavón)

Session 2: 11:00 - 12:30 (regular papers: 6 pages, 20 mins presentation)

  • Resilient, crowd-sourced LPWAN infrastructure using blockchain (Arnaud Durand, Pascal Gremaud, Jacques Pasquier)
  • ChainSoft: Collaborative Software Development using Smart Contracts (Michał Król, Sergi Reñé, Onur Ascigil, Ioannis Psara)
  • Non-Blocking Two Phase Commit Using Blockchain (Paul Ezhilchelvan, Amjad Aldweesh, Aad van Moorsel)
  • Number of confirmation blocks for Bitcoin and GHOST consensus protocols on networks with delayed message delivery (Lyudmila Kovalchuk, Dmytro Kaidalov, Andrii Nastenko, Oleksiy Shevtsov, Mariia Rodinko, Roman Oliynykov)

Session 3: 13:30 - 15:00 (position papers: 6 pages, 15 mins presentation)

  • MARS: Monetized Ad-hoc Routing System (A Position Paper) (Bernardo David, Rafael Dowsley, Mario Larangeira)
  • ChargeItUp: A Blockchain-based technologies for Autonomous Vehicles (Alejandro Ranchal Pedrosa, Giovanni Pau)
  • A Blockchain-based Flight Data Recorder for Cloud Accountability (Gabriele D'Angelo, Stefano Ferretti, Moreno Marzolla)
  • Feather forking as a positive force: incentivising green energy production in a blockchain-based smart grid (Antonio Magnani, Luca Calderoni, Paolo Palmieri)
  • Design Thinking using the Blockchain (Alexander Schönhals, Thomas Hepp, Bela Gipp)
  • Federated Byzantine Agreement to Ensure Trustworthiness of Digital Manufacturing Platforms (Johannes Innerbichler, Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt)

Session 4: 15:30 - 17:30 (regular papers: 6 pages, 20 mins presentation)

  • Blockchain Enlightenment and Smart City Cryptopolis (Melanie Swan)
  • Conquering Generals: an NP-Hard Proof of Useful Work (Angelique Faye Loe, Elizabeth A. Quaglia)
  • Securing Physical Assets on the Blockchain (Thomas Hepp, Patrick Wortner, Alexander Schönhals, Bela Gipp)
  • Blockchain-based Identity Management with Mobile Device (Zhimin Gao, Lei Xu, Glenn Turner, Brijesh Patel, Nour Diallo, Lin Chen, Weidong Shi)
  • Mitigating IoT Device Based DDoS Attacks Using Blockchain (Uzair Javaid, Ang Kiang Siang, Muhammad Naveed Aman, Biplab Sikdar)
  • From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash: a network analysis (Marco Alberto Javarone, Craig Steven Wright)